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Wedding Videography

We are a team of professional wedding videographers in delhi, specializes in filming and editing special event documentaries, pre-wedding and wedding films. We offer professional style, best in class quality, and affordable wedding video shoot packages that our customers have valued the most.

Wedding Videography Services

We at UrbanS2dio understand how important your wedding day is, and thus, we always try to deliver our best work to capture the most cheerful moments of your special day.
Indeed, a wedding is not only the composition of various traditions, colors, cheerful moments, or ceremonies; it’s even more than that where two hearts get connected for a lifetime.

UrbanS2dio is proud to be one of the best wedding videographers in Delhi. Our extensive professional experience of filming weddings and pre-wedding for our clients from various cultures, religions, and backgrounds means you can count on us to take every care capturing your special moment and make it a lifetime memory.


Wedding Video Shoot Services We Offer:

  • Cinematic Wedding Films
  • Wedding Documentaries
  • Aerial Wedding Shoot
  • Events Documentaries

We Are One of The Best Wedding Videographers in Delhi & NCR:

1-Best in Class Equipment:

To provide our clients with the best cinematic wedding films, we use state of the art cameras and equipment to film your special day in cinematic styles.


Rather than just filming and creating wedding videos, we focus more on crafting your special day footage into an actual cinematic wedding film.

2-Professional Editing:

Having your special day filmed well and professionally lays the ground for excellent and professional editing. We consider all major details, from colors, footage to audio quality.


We focus on creating a cheerful highlight, or full documentary from the wedding ceremony to the reception, which could include interviews, bride and groom getting ready, speeches and any other happenings will make memory of your special day a true treasure.


Our distinct approach ensures the pre-wedding and candid wedding videography we do are always natural and impressive. Our wedding cinematographers have the out of the box imagination and experience to offer you the best in class cinematic wedding films that is intimate and timeless.

Cinematic Wedding Films