Wedding Destination Spots | Top 10 Places in India To Plan a Wedding
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wedding destination spots

10 Top Wedding Destination Spots in India

Nowadays, destination weddings in India are getting popular among couples and their families. Since a wedding is more about getting two souls and their families come together, and celebrate a fresh beginning of their loved ones, a perfect wedding destination in India can get imprinted in memories of everyone for a lifetime.

Although, deciding a perfect destination wedding place in India is not an easy task while working on wedding planning list, but it would become more comfortable if you have got a few wedding destination spots picked in your mind already.

If your wedding chimes have started ringing already and you have already picked a date, then without wasting any time further, plan your wedding at one of these Top 10 Wedding Destinations in India that will leave you amazed.

Have a look!

Top Wedding Destination Spots in India

1 – Goa – It’s Time for Celebration

A perfect blend of dense green, blue sky and deep water around, getting married in Goa is becoming popular beach wedding destinations in India among most of the couples.

With adding up tropical look to the wedding decoration setup, Goa is unquestionably one of the best wedding destination places in India to get married.

Things to Know:

The peak season in Goa is November to February, whereas a lot of other events happen from December to January. The monsoon season falls around the month of June to September, which only offers the time from the month of October till the start of November, which is a good time to plan a destination wedding in a moderate climate.

Quick Tips:

  • If you are planning for a wedding between October to January, then it would help in lower down the heat for your guests.
  • Months from March to May are preferable by most of the couples as it lowers down the costs of accommodation, fares and food.
  • The less crowd would be there during this period, which allows your guests to enjoy Goa.

After all, having a wedding get planned and getting married in Goa is like a beautiful dream come true for most of the couples. Isn’t it?

2 – Jaipur – Culture of Hospitality

Known as the royal capital of Rajasthan region, Jaipur is one of the most famous wedding destination spots in India which prefer by most of the Indian as well as foreigner couples.

There is no doubt, tying the knots and celebrating the fusion of two souls and their family at royal wedding destinations in Jaipur would be fabulous.

Things to Know:

The season of winter is the best time to visit Jaipur, which means if you plan a wedding in early November or late February would be the appropriate time with fewer tourists’ interruption.

Quick Tips:

  • Due to its culture, Jaipur as a city hosts various festivals throughout the year, that attracts a lot of tourists.
  • Plan things well in advance for your wedding.

3 – Kerala – God’s Own Country

Instead of a jam packed and huge wedding ceremony, if you are desire to plan a quiet and pleasing ceremony, then Kerala would be the best destination wedding place for your upcoming wedding events.

Covered with freshwater bodies around, coconut trees, sprawling backwaters and houseboats make Kerala one of luxurious beach wedding destinations in India.

Things to Know:

As Kerala is known for heavy monsoon season, thus, it’s always best to plan a wedding from September to March, which would undoubtedly make your choice remarkable one to pick Kerala as your wedding destination in India to get married.

Quick Tips:

  • Samudra beach offers a peaceful surrounding which makes it a great choice for planning a beach wedding in Kovalam.
  • It is less crowded so you can enjoy your wedding the most.

4 – Neemrana Fort – A Heritage near Delhi

Known for its incredible architecture, the Neemrana fort is one of the ancient forts near Delhi. The Neemrana palace not only offers a great site for a perfect weekend getaway, but it’s also become popular over the years as the best spot for destination weddings in India.

To experience a royal and lavish wedding ceremony this place would be the ideal choice when it comes to remembering pleasant wedding moments for a lifetime.

Things to Know:

The best time to plan your destination wedding at Neemrana Fort is from October to March, as the weather would be pleasant for a wedding during this period.

Spots to Visit: Siliserh Lake and Alwar Fort

5 – Alibaug – Goa of Maharashtra

Surrounded by water bodies from three sides and lots of coconuts trees, Alibaug would be the best beach wedding destination in India.

Just a few kilometres away from the busy city of Mumbai, Alibaug is also known as “Goa of Maharashtra” which offers a quiet and peaceful ambience that makes it a perfect destination wedding place in India.

Things to Know:

The month of November till June is the best ease to plan your destination wedding at Alibaug to experience the peaceful ambience.

Quick Tips:

  • The above mentioned period is appropriate to get easy transportation from Mumbai to Alibaug.
  • Boat service remains closed during monsoon season.

6 – Udaipur – Kashmir of Rajasthan

Also known as “Venice of the East”, Udaipur is preferred among Indian as well as foreigner couples as one of the most romantic cities in India.

Due to its rich heritage, architecture, and cultural magnificence, Udaipur is count among one of the most popular destinations for wedding in India.

Things to Know:

The best time to plan your dream destination wedding at Udaipur is the post tourist season which is from April to August.

Quick Tips:

  • Due to the high demand for this destination during peak season, make sure to plan all your things well in advance (i.e. hotel, palace or venue booking).
  • Most of the tourists also pay a visit during the off-season due to low rates, so plan things accordingly.

7 – Havelock Island – Paradise to Get Hitched

If you are looking to plan your wedding in a pleasant and calm ambience, then Havelock island would be the perfect choice for you to tie the knot.

Surrounded by clean water, golden sand and blue skies, Havelock is one of the cleanest beaches in India to plan a destination wedding.

Things to Know:

Planning a destination wedding at Havelock Island would be ideal from September to May. Tourists usually visit Havelock from October to April.

Quick Tips:

  • It would be perfect to choose ferries for transportation due to its low rates, and if you are looking to save time, then catamarans would be the ideal choice due to its speed.
  • If in case you are on a budget, then off-season would be the ideal time to plan as costs are lower as compare to the rates during peak season.

8 – Shimla – Stunning Ambience with Mountain Backdrop

How about planning your wedding amidst the dense forest, hills and surrounding rivers? Well, if you are planning so, then Shimla would be the perfect choice to decide on your hunt for wedding destination spots in India.

Also renowned as summer wedding destinations in India, Shimla is very popular among couples due to its pleasant weather, peaceful atmosphere and snow-covered mountains.

Things to Know:

As mentioned above, summer would be the ideal time to plan a wedding in Shimla. Also, due to a tourist place, Shimla has to offer a wide range of luxurious resorts which provides all-round services for a lavish destination wedding ceremony.

Quick Tips:

  • Hiring a wedding planner in Shimla would be a great choice to experience stress-free arrangements for your guests.
  • You can also hire local guides for your group of guests so that they can also enjoy even the little things around.

9 – Mussoorie – Queen of Hills

Situated at 34 km from Dehradun, the capital city of Uttarakhand, Mussoorie is popularly known as the “Queen of Hills” among locals and tourists.

The mild climate, lush green area, and peaceful environment make Mussoorie one of the best hill stations to choose from the list of best wedding destinations in India to tie the knot.

The lavish properties around (hotel, resorts, and banquets) have to offer you an excellent area to host your events indoor as well as outdoor so that you can enjoy your wedding day at the most.

Things to Know:

The month of April to October is the best time to plan a destination wedding at Mussoorie as the place has to offer you wonderful ambience.

Spots to Visit: kempty falls, Mall Road, Gunhill and Mussoorie Lake

10 – Madurai – The City of Temples

If you are fond of the divine architect, heritage and culture, then Madurai would be the perfect place for a destination wedding to pick in South India.

Known as one of the oldest cities in India, Madurai holds a strong history and lots of oldest temples which makes it a perfect place for a destination wedding in India.

Things to Know:

Although Madurai city enjoys a “hot and dry” climate for a brief part of the year, thus, you can enjoy pleasant weather during the month from October to March to plan your wedding.

Quick Tips:

  • Madurai has a well-connected infrastructure in terms of railways, roadways and by air.
  • You can find almost all type of stays from budget to luxurious as per your need.

We hope that these above-mentioned wedding destination spots would put an end to your quest to find the best wedding destinations in India. Also, no matter which of these wedding destinations you are going to choose, but don’t forget to book one of the best wedding photographers in Delhi/NCR, to capture all of those pleasant moments of yours so that you can cherish them for a lifetime.

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