Photo Booth Props | 10 Fun DIY Ideas for Your Upcoming Events
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10 Fun DIY Photo Booth Props Ideas for Events

Heya, are you looking to make your upcoming event a dashing one with installing your home-made photo booth props?

Photo booths are in trend and become necessary nowadays. You can get a photo booth on rent, buy your setup, or craft your own.

Here we bring to you a few DIY photo booth props ideas that will help you make your event an amazing one without spending much time, efforts and cost.

So, without wasting any time further, help yourself to convert these home-made photo booth props ideas into a realistic one.

Best DIY Photo Booth Props Ideas to Get the Party Started!

1 – Print Some Moustache

Image Source:

Believe it or not, but moustache will never go out of fashion. Create or Print some varieties to get fit for adults and kids accordingly.

With these marvelous moustaches, you will surely make your guests jump into your photo booth to have some great photos.

Have a look at this quick video tutorial to create quick and easy moustache props at your home.

2 – Paint Some Feathers

Image Source:

Give your party a sizzling look! Paint a few feathers and turn them into headdresses or masks and offer them to your guests.

Also, don’t hesitate to take your creativity up a notch while working on this, as you can create various photo booth props using this easy craft.

3 – Creative Flowers Crown

Image Source:

Create your flowers crown and be a flower princess. Home-made flower crowns are easy to make, and they look lovely.

Flowers crown can easily merge with any party theme, and even they can be great photo props for an outdoor party.

You can use flowers crowns as a wedding photo booth props to provide a lavish touch to your wedding event.

4 – Beach Theme Props

Image Source:

If you are planning a beach-themed party, then creating some props like glasses, umbrellas, beer and buckets will add up some extra spice to your party.

You can get these props for an indoor photo booth, if in case you are not planning to travel to the beach.

5 – Lemon Slice Wheels Cutouts

Image Source:

Yellow color put an astonishing effect to any summer party. Isn’t it?

If you are fond of yellow color and lemons, then you can create an innovative photo booth prop using a spare bicycle.

Here is a lemon slice wheel guide to creating an incredible photo booth prop to add up some color to your party.

6 – Create Giant Flowers from Paper

Image Source; Blue Fox Crafts

Give your party a wonderland theme effect by making huge paper flowers using this DIY paper flowers guide.

These giant paper flowers would be the perfect choice as photo booth props to create some illusion for your events.

7 – Create a Polaroid Effect

Image Source: SLR Lounge

Craft your own Polaroid photo booth frame without even having a Polaroid camera.

Sounds crazy?  The Polaroid photo booth frame is affordable and easy to create, which makes it an excellent prop for your upcoming event.

8 – Firework Sunglasses

Image Source:

People love to wear sunglasses in photo booths to have a perfect click. Isn’t it?

So, add some spark with DYI firework sunglasses with a touch of bizarre style to make your event rock.

9 – Bunny Ears

Image Source:

These cute bunny ear props make the ideal costume accessory to your upcoming events, especially on birthday or house parties.

Watch this quick DIY bunny ear props video to create for yourself at home.

10 – Mini Hats

Image Source:

Looks mini in size and shape, but these DIY photo booth props can bring a lot of fun to your event.

This kind of appealing photo booth prop is something you can easily craft at your home from repurposed materials.

Have a look at this quick tutorial to create some for your upcoming event.

We hope these above mentioned DIY photo booth props will add up some excitement to your upcoming events.

These are affordable and easy to craft which you can make at your home with a little guidance and creativity.

Also, if you are planning an event, don’t forget to book the best photographers in Delhi/NCR to capture all your pleasant moments.

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